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We are a Lagos (Nigeria)-based agency, and we can work in Sub-Saharan African countries as well as East African countries through our partners. We also have a partnership with APO for press releases & content distribution.


Core PR Services


Media Relations

We navigate media landscapes with finesse for optimal brand representation, fostering positive relationships with journalists and influencers.


Crisis and Issues

We proactively address and manage crises, providing swift and effective communication strategies to mitigate reputational damage.


Storytelling & Content Creation

We craft compelling narratives and engaging content to captivate audiences, conveying brand messages with creativity and impact.


Influencer Relations

We forge meaningful connections with influencers to amplify brand reach, leveraging their credibility and audience engagement for strategic partnerships.


Corporate Reputation Management

We safeguard and enhance corporate image through strategic communication, ensuring a positive perception among stakeholders.


Consumer Marketing

We devise and implement targeted marketing campaigns to resonate with consumers, driving brand awareness and loyalty.


Public Affairs & Government Relations

We navigate government landscapes, building relationships to influence policy decisions and aligning brand objectives with public interests.


Government Relations

We advocate for and navigate through government channels, ensuring alignment with organisational objectives and contributing to effective policy shaping.


Paid Media

We optimize paid advertising strategies for maximum impact, reaching target audiences through strategic placement and compelling messaging.


PR Strategy & Advisory

We provide expert counsel on public relations strategies, guiding organizations in achieving their communication goals with a strategic and informed approach.


Executive Visibility

We elevate leadership profiles through strategic communication, positioning executives as industry thought leaders, and enhancing their public visibility.


Stakeholder Engagement

We foster meaningful connections with stakeholders, ensuring open communication and building positive relationships with diverse audiences.

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Digital PR & Online Reputation Management

We manage and enhance online presence, employing digital strategies to shape a positive reputation and effectively respond to online challenges.


Internal Communication

We strengthen organisational culture and cohesion through effective internal communication strategies, ensuring employees are informed and engaged.


PR Research & Insights

We conduct thorough research to gather insights, enable data-driven PR strategies, and ensure informed decision-making for optimal communication outcomes.


CEO Profiling & Positioning

We strategically position and profile CEOs, shaping their public image to align with organisational goals and values.


CSR Framework Planning & Communication

We develop and communicate corporate social responsibility initiatives, aligning them with brand values and positively impacting communities.


Media Tracking & Monitoring & Analysis

Monitor media coverage, analyse data, and provide actionable insights, enabling organisations to quickly adapt and refine communication strategies.

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